Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand.

Also known as Thai Boxing or the art of 8 limbs, fighters learn to use punching, kicking, knees and elbow strikes as well as clinching techniques.

Originating from Ancient Buddhism, the art of Muay Boran emerged as a highly effective unarmed combat system in warfare.

Festivals held by the Buddhist Temples would put on Muay Boran contests for spectators and the evolution into a sport saw fighters wearing hemp rope hand wraps instead of bare knuckle.

In the late 1860,s the King of Thailand pushed for the sport to be more main stream, and the royal family sponsored events held between different training camps.

K1 is actually the name of an organisation who promote global Kickboxing events.

Their modified rule set, designed to make the sport more appealing to western television audiences, reduced the 5 round Muay Thai bouts to three x three minute rounds.

With only one strike allowed from the clinch, the pace of the fights are very fast with fighters constantly pushing for a finish.

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