Lucjan Gralak is the wrestling coach at Southend Combat Academy

Lucjan first started to train in freestyle wrestling in 1986.

Since then he has racked up some serious credentials in the sport, having trained with wrestling greats such as

  • Grzegorz Wladyko
  • Zygmund Kret
  • Leszek Ciota
  • Janusz Walkowiak.

His record alone speaks volumes and as well as the countless national titles he went on to accomplish

  • 1990 4th European championships
  • 1991 4th World championships
  • 1998 8th World championships
  • 2001 6th World championships
  • 2002 6th World championships
  • 1997 - 2003 7 time champion of Poland
  • 2004 - 2008 competing in the Bundesliga

Having retired from competition in 2011 finishing with a mixed martial arts career, Lucjan is one of, if not thee highest caliber wrestling coach in the UK.

His level of experience and knowledge give us an advantage in an area of martial arts that until recent times, other UK clubs have neglected.

So if you want to learn the sport of wrestling, look no further than Southend Combat Academy, the number one place in Southend and Essex for wrestling classes and wrestling training.